Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Escort Dating - Part 1

One of the most exciting dates I've ever been on is this strange blind date.  This was not any normal blind date like your friend sets you up with a friend of his girlfriend.  I was on a business trip and I was tired of watching movies.  So I was so lonely one night and saw an ad on the internet and called a Bangkok escort agency.  I've never done this before and I was a little hesitant, but I felt so lonely I was desperate for companionship.  So I made the call.  I had no idea what to expect, then a woman's voice answered the phone.  "Is this the escort?", I thought.

Bangkok Escort girl,bangkok escorts,escorts in Bangkok,escort in bangkok"Hi, how can I help you sir?".  Her voice made me feel like I was calling for pizza delivery.  Is this really happening?  She was so professional, I had to stop for a minute and think, "What the heck am I doing?"  I didn't know how to answer other than, "well, I would like a date tonight".  Now I felt very vulnerable and stupid.  Was I really that lonely that I have to call a stranger off the internet to get a date?  Well, yes I was.

"Ok, we have lots of girls to choose from sir, have you seen the gallery?"  Gallery?  They have a gallery of girls?  That was shocking to me.  I've never heard of such a thing.  A gallery of paintings, a shooting gallery, even a gallery of mugs I have heard of before.  But a gallery of girls?  "No, I haven't where is it so I can look?", I said with a puzzled tone.  "Just click on the menu item 'Gallery' on the website and you will see all the girls sir."  She was so polite.  So I couldn't resist and I took a look...a very good look!

There were about 20 incredibly beautiful girls on the webpage with a profile link attached.  I clicked on the profile and all the services were listed along with all the personal demographics of the girl.  I thought Tina looked very nice.  Also Nina was a real stunner too!

"How about Tina?" I said, "Is she a friendly girl?"  "They are all friendly sir" exclaimed the operator with a gentle tone.  "What type of girl are you looking for sir?" she inquired.  Now I was really stumped.  It dawned on me, I don't really know what I'm looking for.  I just want a date.  Well, wait a minute, I thought.  Maybe I need to think about what I really want tonight in a Bangkok escort girl...ahh...I mean date.


Friday, March 25, 2016

Bangkok Voted the Best City in the World for Tourism

In August, 2013, Bangkok was voted the Best City in the World according to a survey by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city ranked 10th.  The Tourism of Thailand Governor Suraphon Svetasreni said in response to this honor, “This is the result of the tireless efforts made by the public and private sectors as well as the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration over the last 10 years to ‘reinvent’ Bangkok and take advantage of its extensive tourism and travel opportunities. Visitors to Bangkok feel it is a truly cosmopolitan city that is a perfect mixture of the old and the new. Its distinctive character is the result of Thailand’s long-standing freedom while opening itself to all positive things beyond its borders.”  

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In addition, Thailand was the only country that had two cities in the top ten global rankings. Thailand's many beautiful islands where also on the list of the World’s Best Islands, which included Ko Samui (9th) and Phuket (15th).  However, in regards to Phuket, Patong Beach has become a place basically a cluster of chain hotels and cheap sex-themed bars and clubs. But most travellers go to Phuket because the hotels are some of the world’s finest, and to take an excursion to the surrounding islands and their beaches.  Taking a Bangkok escort from Erotika Queens to Phuket to explore the many tourist sites and various islands by speedboat or catamaran promises to be a most enjoyable holiday.